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Philadelphia Ecotherapy seeks to improve the mental, physical and spiritual health of the citizens of Philadelphia through bringing Ecotherapy into the mainstream of mental health services and ensuring its accessibility for all. 

Aerial View of River


To develop a community of therapists who provide Ecotherapy as part of their psychotherapy practices.  


To train licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, professional counselors, certified school counselors and family therapists as well as graduate students, pre-licensed clinicians and other wellness practitioners to harness the healing power of nature in order to improve mental health outcomes.  Therapists come for training from a variety of settings including 


  • Private practices

  • Community Mental Health centers

  • Insurance based group practices

  • Private, Public and Charter schools 

  • College Counseling Programs

  • Hospital based mental health programs


Taking clients outside for therapy makes psychotherapy, mindfulness, and wellness interventions more effective, sustainable, and accessible to all.  Working outdoors can aid in healing and in recognizing our place in the larger world.

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