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Calm Waters

What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy integrates the healing power of nature into traditional psychotherapy, counseling and other healing arts in order to improve overall mental health and wellbeing.  

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As Ecotherapists, we seek to give our clients an expanded experience of therapy through engaging with the natural world.  We utilize the abundance of metaphors available as we walk and talk or sit quietly on a rock by the side of a stream or creek.  We notice the change of seasons and how that reflects the natural changes always occurring in our lives.  We take our clients outdoors for sessions because it allows for movement, to breathe deeply the fresh air, to activate all the senses and enjoy the beauty of nature while working on the issues and challenges that bring them to therapy.  


The documented benefits of Ecotherapy include:

  • Reduced anxiety, stress and depression

  • Increased vitality

  • Increased focus and attention

  • Decreased blood pressure 

  • Increased time in nature outside of therapy sessions



Research has shown that being outside in nature helps people feel more relaxed and at ease.

Ecotherapy sessions provide interventions not possible in the office or online, to address issues including: 

  • Grief 

  • PTSD

  • Isolation 

  • Loneliness 

  • Feeling immobilized in life

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